Cyberspace and globalization of crime and punishment

Masoud Ghaderi


In this paper was to share the virtual space in the globalization of crime. Globalization is affecting many areas of human life through a variety here cyberspace that have the most significant role. Although cyberspace and globalization, there are many benefits to seeking together for human life, but it helped two criminals as a tool and process and they are easier to commit crimes in cyberspace; so that today criminology scholars speak of globalization offense. Examples of international crimes such as money laundering, smuggling, corruption and economic espionage and other international and organized crime has created many challenges for governments at national and international levels. In this paper, the researcher tries to express cybercrime in the era of globalization with an emphasis on global crime and some evidences related to it. As a result, we can say that there is global consensus on combating such crimes, the adoption of uniform rules; international treaties in the global fight against and prevention of crime in cyberspace are the most important strategies to deal with these crimes.



: Crime, cyberspace, the Internet, globalization.

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