The culture and language of the people of Nakhchivan, Tabriz and Maragheh in Travel literature of Evliya Çelebi

Mortaza Firuzi, , Sanaz Rahkarfarshi, Hossein Hassanpashaei



The travel book of Evliya Çelebi is a book written by Evliya Çelebi, an Ottoman Turk traveler, in which he gathered 40 years of his travels experience through Ottoman Empire and other neighboring territories in 10 volumes. Evliya Çelebi had also traveled to Iran twice through which he explains in vol. 2 and 4 of his book. He explains Iran Azerbaijan cities in vol. 2 of his book and has given some rather useful information about them in terms of their culture. In this article, so far we examined both analytically and descriptively the notes Evliya Çelebi has denoted about Nakhchivan, Tabriz and Maragheh. Our effort, due to significance of this travel literature which provides us with some brand new information about geography, history, language and people’s way of living during that period, was to inform readers (Persian) of inferences and necessary contemplations regarding to the original text of the book. 


Travel book, Travel literature, Evliya Çelebi, Tabriz, Nakhchivan, Maragheh.  

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