Role of Teacher and ICT in Teaching – Learning Process (Case Study)

Maria Firoozshad, Asiyeh Najafnejad, Nasrin Nderifar


Without any doubt, ICT or Information and Communication Technology had a lot of effects on every social and economic aspect of human life and its effect on communities is so much that the modern world is rapidly transforming into an information society.

From the very beginning of ITC usage for educational purposes, its usage on classes were studied and mostly, results of these researches regarding effect and value of ICT had contradiction with each other. The study described in this article, analyze the reports about self-confidence and claimed skill of a teacher of eighth grade of high school and her students in using ICT in a smart high school in Rasht (Shahed high school for girls) and its usage in class. This study is the result of interviews, questionnaires and observations done about the science course in which both teacher and students used ICT.

Findings show that both teacher and students believed they had enough skill and self-confidence for using ICT and considered ICT as an important part of class and teacher’s role. Also findings confirm researches about teacher’s effect on using ICT in class.



ICT, Teaching – Learning, Self-confidence, Skill.

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