The Effect of Organizational Intelligence on Talent Management, Using Structural Equations

Karamoallah Daneshfard, Zahra Rajae, Zahra Masoumi Bilondi, Sayyid Ali Banihashem


Many of scientists believe a capability for organizations called "Organizational Intelligence" that is a combination of humane intelligence and machine intelligence. Talent management is the foundation of organizational success and it makes possible for organizational systems to achieve higher objectives. Managers using Talent Management prefer effectiveness over efficiency and try to guarantee the productivity of organization's human resources. In this study, the impact of organizational intelligence on Talent Management in Birjand Roads & Urban Planning Department has been investigated. The statistical population was included all employees of Birjand Roads & Urban Planning Department. The questionnaires were distributed among them in April and May 2014. The statistical sample was 72 persons; therefore, in order to collect information, we used Albrecht's Organizational Intelligence Questionnaire and Phillips and Roper Talent Management Questionnaire. The results have shown that Organizational Intelligence has positive impact on Talent Management. Also all the indicators of measurement model and all the research questions have been confirmed.



Talent Attraction, Talent Development, Talent Retention, Talent Management and Organizational Intelligence.

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