Validation limits of acquisition rule and adaptive study of it with French rights

Atefe Akbari, Anvar Yadollahi


Among the rules of law, rule of Possession (Acquisition rule) the most famous and prestigious rules used in Iranian law one of the most important ways of acquiring property and then is proving ownership. The value seizure As proof of ownership in the dispute is to what extent, the limits and the circle including how much And finally in a position of conflict with other evidence proving ownership of the extent to survive, including In this study the most important issues that have been dealt with comprehensively and accurately. This research Present to signs of ownership about the validity and comparative study was conducted by French law, iodine and one of the reasons possession of proof of ownership in Islamic jurisprudence, law and French law is Iran. acquisition and deciding ownership seizure Circumstantial evidence to prove ownership of property and in the struggle, iodine should be seized property, as well as Fixed a duress claim legal basis for denial of personal rights and the fight due This is the real owner of divorce protection against iodine is in conflict with that norm. So either The provisions relating to the dispute should be remedied or should he fights as new problems accordingly confirmed its authenticity.


seizure, seizure sign, acquisition rule, possession, French rights.

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