The position of alimony in religion books and Iranian law

Mohsen Anari, Rahmat Dashti


In the principles of Islam and to comply with it in Iran’s law, alimony must be paid to certain people, article 1107 of civil law has described alimony that it includes housing and clothes, food and furniture which are traditionally must be fit to a woman’s conditions and if a woman used to have servant, - due to sickness or other physical problems – a servant must be hired for her. Alimony must be paid if the woman had permanent marriages with her husband and obeys her husband in matters which are necessary. But in some cases like having a poor husband or non-permanent marriage or apostasy – done by women – or her husband refuses her as his wife – lian, a kind of divorcing – and refusing the children by her husband, alimony won’t be paid by the men.


alimony, nushuz, refuses, divorce.

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