Analysis of sea in the (literary) works of Attar Neyshabouri

Arash Amraei



Phantom is one of inseparable parts of Persian poem that each poet increases its color and quality by utilizing of some elements. Symbol is one of the elements which is effective on different aspects of poem such as illusionary. Among different literal arrays, symbol in addition to the customary functions, undertakes different roles and poet transfers his/her message to the target group by utilizing of it. The amount and quality of using of symbol are different with regard to the poet time and poem purpose. By considering a principle in mysticism namely hiding the speeches and silence in the face of unaware persons, mystic poets in this way have used of symbol well and they have expressed their speeches for intended persons without strangers' awareness of it. Among different symbols which have been used in the works of poet mystics, sea has had more application and it has been used widely. Natural features of sea like wideness, depth, waves, blessings and difficulties existing in it are the fields and aspects that Attar uses of them for expressing the mystical points and hints. In this paper, we study and explain the sea position as a symbol in Attar's works and we express its different functions.



symbol, sea, Attar.

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