Training Needs and Training Programs for Academic Leadership at Northern Border University

Yousif Alnaser


The study aims to identify the leadership training needs and the development programs to improve the skills of academic leaders at Northern Border University. The training needs will be considered at three levels: individual, job and organisational level. This paper is based on a descriptive survey method where 88 academic leaders answered a refereed questionnaire, which was tested to insure its validity and reliability. Moreover, the researcher analyzed data by calculating means and standard deviations. The results showed that the degree of need for training programs was high, and that there are no statistically significant differences between the study variables (years of experience, job title, qualification, gender). This study is limited to a sample of academic leaders at Northern Border University for the academic year 2014-2015. Designing training programs for academic leaders is based on modern analysis methods that involve academic leaders in identifying training needs at a personal, job and organisational level. The main objective is to develop adequate training programs for academic leaders based on their perception and perspective.


Training needs, Training programs, Academic leadership, Northern Border University.

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