Globalization and the dynamics of value markers of the "generation's images" in the narratives of the inhabitants of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region

Okladnikova Elena Alekseevna, Popov Vladimir Aleksandrovich, Marova Alina Olegovna


The article is devoted to the publication of the results of sociological research devoted to the impact of globalization on the dynamics of public ideas of urban and rural population about "the images of generations".

Globalization is a result of the third industrial revolution. It is a social and cultural shift, which has had a different impact on the consciousness of the metaphorical urban (St. Petersburg) and rural (South of Leningrad region) population of the North-West of the Russian Federation.

Values of historical events and technology were more relevant to urban populations, and moral values for the rural population. To describe the dominant images of generations regardless of place of residence and age of respondents were spiritual and moral dominant, at the time, as consumer values were ignored by the courts. Regardless of residency and age of respondents spiritual and moral values became important to respondents, instead of consumer values which were ignored by the respondents. Dynamics of images of generations in the minds of the respondents highlighted two trends: 1) the idealization of ancestral generation images; 2) the objectification of the self generation image.



globalization, image generation, narratives, urban and rural population, St. Petersburg, Leningrad region.

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