Perjury or False Swearing Effects in Jurisprudence and Law

Ahmadi Seyed Mehdi


In all legal systems, swearing is one of the reasons for proof and a mean for resolving the hostilities in the claims with religious and belief basis; it means that for proving that they are right and accuracy of their statements in the claims, people swear the God and other religious and belief values. Now, when a person finds out that a swearing is false, I will create different effects in the award issued by judge and ally (Heleph) responsibility. This paper will define the concept of perjury and express different forms of swear and its elements and conditions for its validity in the jurisprudence and criminal law and finally analyze and determine the power of proving the swearing and effects of such crime.


Swearing, Heleph (ally), Qasamah, Reasons for Proving the Claim

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