Job and worker adaption with organizational Comprehensive health Test on O*NET work style

Anahita Saleh Bolourdi, Mohammad Mirzaei, Hasan Pasha Sharifi, Ali Delavar, Simin Hosseinian, Noor Ali Farokhi


This study seeks to investigate the job and worker adaption using the components of organizational health based on the work criteria standard of Occupational Information Network (O*NET). There is not any questionnaire for measuring the work style in the American occupation network, and also the expressed characteristics in work style are consistent with the effective characteristics in organizational health. The sample was selected randomly from among several companies. The sample are consisted of 364 managers and employees of 3 large Company that 76 of them were females and 284 males age of 20 to 71 years. Test are performing electronically, with downloaded on Google Drive. The findings indicate that with 95% confident interval, there are correlation between components of work style and components of organizational health. ،This components are Resource use, Social inclusion, Job satisfaction, Physical health, Social support and group, Personality (mental health), Reward and appreciation, Insight, Cognitive and emotional needs, and Commitment and loyalty. In conclusion, work style components can predict with organizational health components.


American Occupational Information Network (O*NET); Job and worker adaption; Organizational health; Work style

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