Construction and Normalization of Comprehensive of Organizational Health Test

Anahita Saleh Bolourdi, Mohammad Mirzaei, Hasan Pasha Sharifi, Ali Delavar, Simin Hosseinian, Noor Ali Farokhi


This research is Constructing and validating a comprehensive test of organizational health for assessing most useful components that effect on organizations and employees who work in these organizations. The sample consisted of 1088 managers and employees working three companies from twenty, that choose randomly. Sample consist of 760 males and 328 females 18 to 71 years and work for at least 3 months in their companies. Test was conducted online and electronic. It was made of two forms, an individual form that showed health of person in organizations and have 12 components, and organizational forms that measures health organizations from people viewpoint, and have 10 components. In total test have 212 item. There was no difference between population characteristics like gender, age, post, job category and education.


organizational; health; Construction; Comprehensive of Organizational Health Test

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