The Effects of Targeted Subsidies on Misery Index in Urban and Rural Settlements of Iran Regions

Mohamad Hajipour, Mahmood Fallsolyman


The payment of subsidies has been one of the most important issues in Iran. The payment of subsidies has been targeted since 2010. The current research attempts to study the effects of targeted subsidies on misery index in Iran regions with geographical and analytical approach. In this respect, data about unemployment rate, inflation rate and misery index is analyzed in each province, rural and urban settlements. The data has been used for period of 2009-15 years. The results showed that although the main goal of targeted subsidies has been reduce poverty and promote social welfare in Iran; so far it leads to increase poverty and reduce society welfare. So that, due to growth of unemployment in villages’ misery in rural settlements has been more than cities. Finally, it can be said, targeted subsidies have deviated from its basic goals in Iran.


Targeted Subsidies, Inflation, Unemployment, Misery

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