Formation of the New Historicism concept in the Russian literary criticism

Liliya Ravilevna Khuzeeva


Article is devoted to the methodological principles analysis of the new historicism on the verge of the XX-XXI centuries in Russian literary criticisms. Currently the theory of literature, methodology of literary criticism endures a peculiar internal reorganization period, the new paradigm of scientific knowledge is formed; it corresponds to revision of many cardinal methodological principles and provisions. Artwork communication disclosure over time of the creation and with future historical eras  is the detection of literature historicism, throughout  for a long time it was an integral part of the literary critic work, however the principle of historicism, basic for the Russian literary criticism, was re-vised on the verge of the XX-XXI centuries. On the basis of historical and functional, sociological, typological approaches, as well as comparative and typological, system methods the essence of methodological approaches of the new historicism theory in the Russian literary criticism on the verge of the XX-XXI centuries comes to light in the article, along with its genetic linkage both with the American science, and with the Russian literary tradition comes, which allows to speak about continuity in development of scientific knowledge.


literary criticism, new historicism, school of sciences, methodology, theory of literature

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