Indian Religions in Scientific Works by MirceaEliade

Liliya Nazimovna Akhsanova, Rimma Nailevna Sabirova Senior


The relevance of the problem underinvestigation is determined by the need of studying the culture of India in the context of works by the outstanding scientist, historian of religion Mircea Eliade, as well as by an increasing interest in India and its spiritual traditions on the whole.Cultural-mythological symbolism and spiritual and religious component of India are the aspects investigated by M .Eliade.The diversity of Indian religions and beliefs form the foundation of this country,quite peacefully coexist even by influencing and complementing each other.The article aims atrevealing the impact of the works by Mircea Eliade on the development of oriental studies and in particular the study of Indian cultureof the twentieth century. The leading approach to the study of this problem is comparative analysis which enabled to give proof of the fact that M. Eliade made a great contribution to the popularization of India, Indian yoga, philosophy and religion.The main stages of scientific activity of the scholar have been exposed and those workswhich in our opinion help to solve the problem to the fullest extent have been analyzed. The main results of the study give the validity to the hypothesis that the works by M. Eliade on the development of exploring the East are important.  The materials of the article may be useful for thestudies of the Orient and the history of religions.


yoga, the sacral, mythology, coincidence of opposites, Indian religion

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