Studying the Role of Perceived Risk, the Challenge of Purchasing Merchant and the Trust Expectation in the Customer’s Online-Commercial Merchant Selection Process (Case Study: Digikala Company)

Ashkan Safaee, Farideddin Allameh Haery, Amin Keramatpanah


In general, this research tries to provide the necessary potentials to increase sales and market share of Digikala Company through identifying and eliminating obstacles of trust on behalf of corporate clients as one of the successful virtual stores in Iran to purchase online; it also investigates a variety of raised risks such as identifying how financial risks related to transferring money, psychological and social risks, and the risk of sending the merchant to the customers by Digikala Company will be reduced; furthermore, it identifies environmental challenges of purchasing products by customers while online shopping through creating trust expectation in consumers. It also states that what other factors can influence on the customer’s purchase intention from virtual stores. In this study, partial least squares (PLS) modeling, which is used in structural equations modeling (SEM) discussion, is used. To analyze data, Excel, PLS software have been used. Structural equation modeling analysis test in PLS has been used to test the main hypotheses and the mediator role of variable, and the risks of expected performance; the results of correlation analysis contain considerable points of the relationship between research variables. The statistical sample of this study includes all those who have shopping experience from Digikala and online shopping. Findings from the investigation show that environmental challenge and perceived risk are two triggers on the reaction of buyers from online shops. Our findings also show that environmental involvement factors have a positive relationship with perceived risks such as financial, product, performance, transfer, social, and mental.


Environmental Challenges, Perceived Risk, the Intention of Online Shopping, E-Commerce

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