Italian motifs in the works of William Dean Howells

Olga Nikolaevna Goryacheva, Natalia Leonidovna Fesyanova


The key point, revealing the genesis of American author William Dean Howells creativity in the paradigm of the USA culture, is his attitude to Italy. The great works of literature and art of this country have had a tremendous impact on the creative development of the American author. Accompanying him throughout  life, they were an aesthetic basis for the wide variety of multi-faceted Howells activity. The work relevance is connected with the peculiarities of artistic interpretations of a different cultural environment through the author’s perception of reality. The mental concept of the «different» life, recognition of the specifics of the «foreign country» often take place in the course of reading of literary works of different genres. In this paper William Dean Howells’s works are analyzed for the first time in the Russian literature of the XXI century, the main themes of the narrative are identified, archetypal images, expressed in artistic and literary form, are defined. The practical significance of the study of the cultural phenomenon of the city is concerned with the identification of specific features, forms and techniques of creating his image, enclosed in the space-time continuum of W. D. Howells’s works.


travelogues, author's interpretation, American literature, the urban prose, Italian motifs.

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