Evaluation of student-teachers' lived experiences from acquired knowledge of Art as a curriculum subject in Farhangiyan University according to Eisner's Educational Connoissership and Criticism model

Zohreh Hamzehlou, Mohammad H Yarmohammadiyan, Narges DR Keshti Aray


Abstract The aim of this research is to describe, explain and interpret experiences of sudent-teachers from acquired knowledge of art subject as a planned educational curriculum in Farhangiyan University. The participants of this study were a group of student-teachers who were selected with purposive and congruent sampling. The tools of collecting data included semi-structured interviews and direct observation. Interviews were conducted individually and were encoded precisely. After the fifteenth interview data was saturated but for more validation it was continued up to 22. Analyzing of information was according to the subjective encoding. Validation of the findings was through three-coordination and narrative reconstruction models and to increase its reliability, in a previously planned way, interviews were conducted in an appropriate place and in terms of interview conditions, with giving required instructions and being away from any bias imposing or specific comments. From negative prospect the findings indicated that student-teachers complained about the monotonous feature of art classes and lack of appealing varieties. From positive prospect they gave some compliments about creating beautiful memories in art classes and described its educational impact as a way of setting free the innermost emotions and feelings , bringing out hidden talents, giving value even for invaluable things and evoking sweet memories. Draw on Eisner's educational theories (educational, non-educational and anti-educational experiences), the results were classified in three main categories on the basis of curriculum components.


Key words: Experience of art as a curriculum subject, Farhangiyan University, Eisner's Educational Connoissership and Criticism model

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