Blameless Divorce and Its Effect on Families

Rasoul Rasolipour, Mohammad Roshan, Shapour Nikandam


Family as the most important pillar in society and the main foundation of cultural and educational institute plays an important role in family education. Also experience has proven over the years that great people were typically brought up in families where the familiar relationships were firm and by contrast, guilty and criminal people were typically from disintegrated families or divorced parents. Regarding this matter, the recent survey aims at investigating the concept of the blameless divorce (fast and easy) and its effect on families. The method used in this survey is descriptive and analytical. Also library method has been used to gather information. According to the results, blameless divorce treats men and women in a way as if they are equal at the time of divorce. This law denies constructive inequities regarding unequal ability of the sexes to gain salary in the future. 

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