Effectiveness of an educational program using a computer in the development of some of the mathematical concepts among mentally retarded educable students and modifying their adaptive behavior.

Mohammed Saleh Abdel Raouf, Mogbel Aid K Alenizi, Khaled M. Attia


This study aimed to verify the effectiveness of an educational program by using the computer in the development of some of the mathematical concepts among mentally disabled students who are capable of learning and modifying their Adaptive behavior inRafha province these are (numerical concepts, spatial relationship concepts, the concept of classification, the concept of sequencing, the standard concepts), the sample of the study was selected from primary school pupils from the (intellectual Education classes) inRafha province at northern border area. The researchers followed the experimental method; to conduct the study where the sample consisted of 16 students who were divided randomly into two groups: experimental group who studied by using the methods and strategies of the behavioral proposed program, and the control group who did not receive any educational program. The program consisted of twenty-one sessions 45 minutes for each and continued for a seven weeks. The researchers used the scale  Mathematical concepts and the measure of adaptive behavior to gather information and compare the performance of the subjects of the study on the pre test and post tests for the experimental and control groups. The results of the study indicated that there were statistically significant differences at  level (0.05) on the mathematical concepts scale and  the adaptive behavior scale among the students in the experimental group and the control group in favor of the experimental group.


adaptive behavior- computer - mathematical concepts- mentally disabled.

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