Teachers` Viewpoints on the Practical Implementation of Lesson Study in EFL Classrooms

Maryam Haghighifard, Amin Marzban


Lesson Study is considered as an updated way of professional development which aims at improving the teaching process and as a result improving students' progress. This study applied an empirical implementation of lesson study in the EFL context in order to investigate teachers' viewpoints on the practical implementation of lesson study. To this end, 15 Iranian EFL teachers were selected through random sampling. The survey method was employed and "teachers' viewpoint on practical implementation of lesson study"   questionnaire was administered to them after  implementation of lesson study in their classrooms. The results showed that teachers had positive   viewpoint toward the different parts of the questionnaire that deals with teaching and learning procedure.  Lesson study is used as a tool to provide teachers with an opportunity to emphasize the quality of teaching that consequently affect the quality of learning. 


language; methodology

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