Sexual talk with the spouse: Sarcastic or Soothing?

Maryam Nekoolaltak, Zohreh Keshavarz, Masoumeh Simbar, Ali Mohammad Nazari



Background: Sexual talk with spouse has a dual role: it can lead to either compatibility and satisfaction or harassment and separation between the couple .This article explores the concept and dimensions of sexual talk with  the spouse.

Method: This qualitative study with a conventional content analysis was conducted in 2014 and 2015 wherein 26 Iranian married men and women were individually interviewed.

Results: Sexual talk with the spouse is the conversation about planning, performance and evaluation of sexual relationship that leads to sexual agreement, intimacy, resolving the existing problems and greater sexual compatibility and satisfaction of the couple. Sexual talk should be romantic, pacific, clear, continuous, with admiration and without shame, sarcasm, anger, comparison, reproach. Couples can express their views about the partner's sexual behavior, but expressing partner's incurable physical problems is not helpful. Shyness, fear of being stigmatized as impolite and promiscuous, fear of being rejected or breaking pride, to expect the spouse to read minds, lack of opportunities, presence of children and failing to receive sexual conversation skills from adolescent are among the main barriers against sexual talk with the spouse

conclousion: Sexual talk with the spouse is necessary throughout the marital life: During the early days of marriage, in order to attain initial sexual coordination and agreement and to avoid early divorce and after several years of marriage, in order to give variety and freshness in relationship and to resolve the problems.

Funding: This article is part of a PhD dissertation results. It is a proposed research and funded by research deputy of nursing and midwifery School of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences. Its ethical code is SBMU2.REC.1394.73.

Keywords: sexual talk, sexual satisfaction, sexual compatibility, sexual agreement, sex education, Qualitative study


sexual talk; sexual satisfaction; sexual compatibility; sexual agreement; sex education; Qualitative study

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