“Survival” of Small Enterprises in a Vague Environment of Emerging Economy

Sergey Leonidovich Aksenov


The article deals with the justification of the complex of factors that contribute to “survival” of small enterprises in an uncertain external environment of transitional economy. Small business is a relatively new form of organization of economic activity (especially in Russia), which explains the absence of a well-defined theoretical description of it. A special place in the structure of the regional economy is given to small enterprises that are objectively focused on meeting local needs of the regions. However, the effectiveness of small business in the Russian regions is largely pre-determined by the state of the business environment, the formation of which should be based on knowledge of the mechanism of functioning small enterprises. This raises the need for developing such economic mechanism that would allow small businesses to operate effectively in a vague external environment.


survival strategy of small business, external environment, the regions of the country, small enterprises, small business, models of adaptive behavior of enterprises, the components of survival strategies.

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