Investigating the Content of Social Networks Such as Telegram, Tango, and Whatsup in the features of Social Demands

Fatemeh Najar Ajampour, Nasim Majidi, Maryam Najjar Ajampour, Akbar Najjar Ajampour


This study aimed to analyze the content of social networks as documentaries in terms of social demands. 50 social network users of Telegram, Tango and Whatsup in Ardabil had been randomly chosen. The instruments used in this study were controlled checklists developed by the researchers. These controlled checklists were based on a set of indicators of research variables. The reliability of criterion was confirmed by a supervisor, and for conforming the reliability of coded data Holsti formula had been used. The reliability was 97/0. The results indicate that there is less attention to social norms and values, and the observed frequency in each of these variables is very low.


Social issues, social networks, content analysis

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