Family Dietary Pattern and the Factors Affecting It*

Soodeh Maghsoodi, Samaneh Mokhtari


Background: The attention of sociologists to Food and Nutrition is a reflection of the increasing social and cultural importance of food in modern industrial societies. In modern societies, different backgrounds have been culturally associated with diet and body. Objective: The present study was conducted to investigate the dietary patterns of families in Kerman and the factors affecting them from the perspective of employed women and full-time housewives. Materials and Methods:This study was conducted with a quantitative-survey approach, using random stratified sampling among 200 housewives in the city of 5 residential areas and 200 employed women in governmental offices of Kerman. The FFQ standard questionnaire (dietary frequency questionnaire) was used to measure dietary patterns. The questionnaire was set in the Willet questionnaire format which includes 168 dietary items. Data analysis was performed based on descriptive statistics and inferential statistics (Chi-square test and logistic regression). Results:The study findings showed that 18% of housewives and 13% of employed women have an unhealthy dietary pattern.Also, among housewives, cultural capital variables such as television advertising, age, education, a family aspects and the amount of a family income, television advertising were more effective on family dietary pattern than any other variables, but in employed women among women cultural capital variables, instrumental social support, work-family conflict, pressure conflict, behavioral conflict, time conflict,women education, a family aspects, a man income, and women age, time conflict were more effective on the dietary pattern of their families. Conclusion: The dietary pattern of families can be healthier for housewives with high cultural capital and by controlling unhealthy television advertising and for employed women by enhancing the family instrumental social support and reducing work-family conflict.



Dietary patterns; employed women;housewives;Kerman

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