Federico Fellini: Between Myths and Realities

Feten Ridene Raissi


Having always distinguished the intense connection between myths and realities in the universal unforgettable masterpieces of the 7th art, we chose to study this duality in the three most famous feature films of the Italian director Federico Fellini.


In La Dolce Vita, Otto & Mezzo and Amarcord, Fellini always sailed between the palpable and the phantasmagorical.


 In this article, we will try to decorticate this complementarity, by attempting to clarify what Fellini tries to convey to the audience as a real fantasy.


Fellini, Italian Cinema, La Dolce Vita, Otto & Mezzo, Amarcord, Real, Evident, Concrete, Palpable, Mythological, Phantasmagorical, Oneiric, Dream.


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