An Experimental Study on Improving Students' Self-Confidence Speaking in TPO Class, First-Year LMD Students at the University of Tlemcen, Algeria as Case Study

Imane DIB


The purpose of this study is to bridge the gap between the teaching activities and the students' self-development by looking into approaches to improve the students' self-confidence in speaking classes in general and TPO courses in particular, at the English department at the University of Tlemcen. Due to this, a study was undertaken with first-year LMD students at the Abou Bakr BelkaidTlemcen Faculty of English Foreign Languages in a quasi-experimental method. To meet this end, data will be collected through (30) learner questionnaires along with specially designed speaking confidence tests meant to gauge the students’ perceptions and potential abilities. The findings highlight an important factor that might inhibit learners’ self-confidence when it comes to speaking in the classroom. The psychological obstacles were coined to describe the most common psychological challenges that prevent students from communicating during oral sessions. Shyness, anxiety, a lack of self-confidence, a fear of making mistakes, a lack of interest in the subject, and a lack of motivation are all examples of students’ interviews. 


Self-confidence, Techniques of Oral Production, Speaking, EFL Algerian Learners.

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