L’attitude négative à l'égard de l'enseignement-apprentissage du FLE, même à l'époque où le Ghana fait membre à part entière de la Francophonie.

Andreas AWUTE, Phidelia AWUTE


The study of the French language in an English-speaking environment such as Ghana is characterized by many setbacks due to the fact that English is considered the first-world language. This has resulted in Ghanaians not seeing the importance of the French language and not engaging in its learning despite the country's geographical location and membership in the Francophonie. Ghanaians look down on those who speak or learn French as a foreign language (FLE) and this has a negative impact on its propagation. Because of the negative attitude of Ghanaians towards FLE, learners who do, learn it reluctantly. As a French teacher, it is befitting that we conduct this survey to determine the negative attitudes towards learning FLE, see how FLE learners cope with these negative attitudes and to propose remedial measures to the problem. This qualitative study used the triangulation method (semi-structured interviews, observations and questionnaires) as data collection tools to investigate the problem in an in-depth manner.

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