Where There Is No Second Language: The Problems Faced By International Tourists during the Calabar Christmas Festival

Gloria Mayen Umukoro


Recent issues in tourism development such as security, tourist attractions, employment, infrastructures, basic amenities, human development and language reactions are issues bothering the tourism industry in Cross River State. Using some tourist destinations, international tourists and indigenes surveys in Cross River State as a case study, the paper surveys the current status of the second language policy in the tourism industry in Cross River State through monitoring, participation and interview of visitors and stakeholders during some selected tourism activities in the Cross River State tourism industry and shows how imperative it is to encourage the second language policy in a tourism-based economy. Taking into consideration the need for the adoption of French as a second international language for tourism purposes in the State, the main objective of this paper is to emphasize the importance of the adoption and proper implementation of a second international language policy in the tourism industry in Cross River State to enhance the growth and sustainability of the industry in the state. However, with emphasis on the French language as an important tool in this regard, the paper suggests a reorientation of the people on the need to be bilingual and a concrete implementation of the French language policy, to create a favorable environment for international tourists in the state and solve to a great extent, the language problem during the festival.


Foreign language skills, bilingual tour guides, tourism product, destination quality, foreign tourist

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