The Quandary of Eurocentric Truth and Prospect of Cultural Sensitivity: Echoes from Richard Rorty

Modestus Nnamdi Onyeaghalaji


Most Eurocentric narratives undermined African cultural values and projected Western values as superior, objective and built on truth. This paper exposes the underlying pretensions in the narratives and their deleterious consequences. It also demonstrates that such epistemic pretensions underlie the modality of cultural interaction within African societies. The analysis shows that such narratives provide ideas that are less propitious for African growth. There is a need for alternative narratives. Thus, the paper examines Richard Rorty’s moral pluralism and extrapolates its basic elements to make a case for Cultural sensitivity. It argues that cultural sensitivity harbors more humane moral bases and values for social cohesion necessary for social reconstruction.








African culture, values, Rorty, Eurocentricism and cultural sensitivity

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