The Development of Students’ Learning Achievements and Learning Behaviors through Participatory Learning Method

Phatsaraphorn Khansakhorn, Rangsiphat Yongyuttawichai


The objectives of this research were: 1) to compare the students’ learning achievements before and after the implementation of the participatory learning method; 2) to study the students’ learning behaviors using the participatory learning method; and 3) to evaluate students’ satisfaction towards the participatory learning method to help develop students’ learning achievements and learning behaviors. The results showed that the student’s learning achievements before using the participatory learning method were rated at the level of 16.67.  After the implementation of the participatory learning method, the student’s learning achievements were rated at a significantly high level of 20.73.  Moreover, the components of the participatory learning method including a mind map, a case study, and games yielded a satisfactory effect on students’ learning behaviors, especially in the aspect of responsibilities, which was rated at the highest level of 4.66. The students’ learning behaviors development as a whole was rated at a high level of 4.46.


In part of the evaluation of students’ satisfaction with the participatory learning method to develop student’s learning behaviors and learning achievements, it was found that the aspect of teaching integration was rated at the highest level of 4.40.  In overall, the assessment of the results was rated at the high level of 4.31.





Participatory Learning, Learning Achievements, Learning Behaviors

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