Masterpieces of Nouri Bouzid: Between Conditioned Advent and Censorship's Extinction

Feten Ridene Raissi


Reflecting the Arabic social reality in the film industry has been the main focus of some Arabic cineastes, namely the Tunisian ones.

 Whether short or long, professional or hobbyist, Tunisian movies endeavored to cope with the forbidden trinity, composed of political, sexual, and religious axes of criticism which have been mostly rejected due to the political authorities’ domination.

 This study sets out to probe the partial and total rejections of scripts by focusing on Nouri Bouzid’s case. This choice is stimulated by the magnitude of Nouri Bouzid‘s interviews, in which he has mentioned many of his movies and script examples that were navigating between conditioned advents and censorship’s extinction.




Tunisian cinema, Nouri Bouzid, Censorship, Script Control, religious scrutiny, political oversight, forbidden trinity.

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