Médée d’Euripide et d’Anouilh

Ari Mohammed Abdulrahman


 The title of this research is ' Euripides and Anouilh’s Medea '. This research is a comparative study comparing the protagonist Medea in two literary works. The aim of the current research is to study the mythical character Medea in two different literary works; one by the Greek playwright Euripides and the other by the French author Jean Anouilh

 This research will pose a number of key questions and it will address the main topics discussed by the two authors. It will begin by examining the texts and analyzing why Jean Anouilh chose mythology to show the reality of his society of the time. The research will explore how social and political conditions witnessed by the authors in their countries formed their political and philosophical thoughts and undoubtedly influenced their writing.

Medea is a drama of No and resistance. Euripides and Jean Anouilh have used this classic myth to address and focus on the various social and political issues that prevailed in society in their time. Anouilh’s Medea was written two years after Antigone and the same themes recur in Medea.


Medea, Happiness, Exile, Abnormality, Revenge, the other

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