Evaluating of a Teaching Intervention Contributing to Airline Agents and Customers’ Communication in Famagusta-Cyprus

Momen Yaseen M.Amin, Saeid Saadatmanesh


The purpose of the present monograph is to design a curriculum for those who buy airplane tickets (customers) and those who sell them (airline agents) in different airline agencies in the city of Famagusta in northern Cyprus. In other words, this study intends to contribute to their interactions which are in English. The study follows Nation and Macalister's (2010) “language curriculum design” as the framework and, in order to make it more comprehensive, tries to follow the steps of the curriculum design introduced by them in detail. In this regard, the researcher takes environmental analysis, needs analysis, principle (used to design the curriculum), goals, content and sequencing, format and presentation, monitoring, assessment, evaluation, and approaches to curriculum design, are into consideration. Finally, a sample unit/module with the teaching materials, exercises, etc., reflecting what the research has planned is provided. Because the outcomes in a different contexts are different, it is impossible for this design to be backward. Therefore the researcher, in this project, starts with goals and analyzes the needs (of the customers and the agents), and finally will design the curriculum accordingly. In addition, the course design follows Brumfit’s (1985) “syllabus with holes in it” because 10 minutes of each session is determined for more practice and fluency in the skill.



curriculum development; customer; airline agent.

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