La discipline scolaire français en France et au Ghana : comment les sujets didactiques la reconstruisent ?

Senyo Yao Klutse-Doe Klutse-Doe, Ana Dias-Chiaruttini


This article seeks to describe how French became a discipline taught in Ghana by focusing on how didactic subjects represent the discipline and comparing these representations to those of pupils in France to understand how the French discipline varies according to the teaching context. 88 questionnaires were administered to middle school pupils (in Ghana) and the second corpus of 130 questionnaires was also to CM2 pupils (equivalent middle school) in France. The notion of disciplinary awareness is the theoretical framework underlying this research. The results of the surveys show that the disciplinary status of French varies according to the linguistic landscape and in both teaching contexts, the pupils consider French as a plural discipline with fragmented content. Also, the level of investment in learning French is linked to specific purposes (academic, social, and personal) that students attribute to this discipline.


French, teaching context, didactic subjects, disciplinary awareness.

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