Ecological Wisdom in the Spatial Construction of Traditional Villages in Oasis: A Case Study Of Grape Village In Turpan, China

Zhijing Guo


Ecological wisdom is an expression in the context of the era of ecological civilization. Based on respecting the existing local ecological wisdom, the construction of ecological civilization should solve the changing needs of traditional villages' ecological, social, and economic development. The grape village is a relatively well-preserved traditional village in Turpan, which contains rich samples of ecological wisdom in constructing human settlements. The ecological wisdom theory of symbiosis and coexistence of humans and nature is embodied in the construction of the village human settlement environment. From the aspects of overall shape, production and life, and ecology, this paper summarizes the construction wisdom system of traditional villages in Grape valley to deal with human settlement environment, including (climate resources, human-land relationship, and spatial relationship): (1) the village spatial pattern of "village-water-field-drying-forest-living"; (2) the production space of fertile land and field drying house in the lower part of the village is more likely to be in the distance from the water. 3. Living near the water, living in the upper and lower part of the living space; 4 gatherings in a water-rich place from zero vegetation can also flourish the courtyard landscape space; 5 because the water can flourish forest belt space and other oasis villages to create wisdom. This study hopes to provide a valuable reference for the protection theory and practice of oasis traditional settlements.


ecological wisdom, spatial construction, Turpan, Oasis traditional village, Cultural landscape

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